Saturday, 18 May 2013

Can a girl only have one lipstick and nail polish?

So i made a BH Cosmetics order recently and my mom got the package yesterday. So i am waiting for her to ship it to Jamaica alone with some other goodies i had ordered before. 

My aunt was curious to what i had ordered so i told her cosmetics. She was like you only need one nail polish and lipstick. Seriously? This was coming out of the mouth of another woman, grant you and no offence to her but she has never been one for keeping up appearances. 

But still what woman wants only one nail polish? What could be that one colour she would wear all the time forsaking all other colours until that bottle is finished? I know personally i could never do that. EVER! I am a straight up nail polish junkie, the kind who has ten shades of the same colour and why not they are all different to me. Not to mention my new found and ever growing obsession with lipsticks. A MAC store opened in Kingston last year and i fell in love. Thus far i own seven MAC lipsticks and a liplass and most definitely plan on getting more. Even if my pocket gets upset lol.

This is my "go to" stash that i have out on my vanity. And have another order of coming in from When all that i ordered is added to this current collection that's when i think it would be  more suitable to say i don't need another lipstick. However! Wanting another lipstick is a whole other story!

What do you think can a girl only have one nail polish and lipstick?

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