Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kleancolors Lipliner Review and Swatches

Recently I came across a Kleancolor display in a local pharmacy and thought I would try out a couple of the lip liners since I was in the market for some and these were readily available.

The packaging is pretty typical of any lip liners these days. Basic black sharpen-able pencils with the colour on the base. The colour displayed at the base is pretty much true to the colour of the product. What I dislike about it is that all the pencils are not the same height some are a lot shorter than other and I personally find this very annoying.

However, for the price I cannot complain too much (especially since I had just bought 2 MAC lip liners, one of which the tip melted and broke off). It cost me JA$75 (less than (US$1) so I thought it to be a bargain despite the variations in the amount of product.

When applying the liners I found them to be quite creamy which surprised me because of how reasonably priced they were and for that I am glad. The pigmentation is remarkable from the nudes to the brighter and deeper colours, the colour pay off is amazing. They are not however as long wearing as per say a MAC or NYX liner. But the smoothness of application is very comparable to those more popular brands (some of the names and corresponding colours reminds me of the NYX slim liners).

From Top to Bottom: Brown, Chocolate, Plush Red, Hot Red, Pinky, Barbie Pink, Rose
When making the swatches the lip of the Rose broke because it was so soft.

From L-R:  Brown, Chocolate, Plush Red, Hot Red, Pinky, Barbie Pink, Rose

I would rate these lip liners a 4 out of 5. If only they had a bit of a longer wear time it would have gotten full marks no hesitation.

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