Wednesday, 9 October 2013

BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe Lipstick Review

I bought the BH Cosmetics lipstick on the same occasion I bought the Real Techniques Core Collection. I have tried it a few times and has decided to do a review on the product. I swear the sales girl scampered me into buying as I had no intention of getting a lipstick when I went into the store much less a nude coloured one. So I decided to take the BH Cosmetics lipstick when given the option between it and a Milani Colour Statement in Nude Crème which I had initially wanted. But seeing that I can purchase a Milani lipstick readily and had already had a few, I opted for the BH Cosmetics lipstick in Tea Time.

The lipstick comes in a slick black packaging with a clear base showing the actual colour of the lipstick. The only writings present on the tube is the BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe Lipstick written down the side and the name of the colour on the clear base (as seen in the photo above). It reminds me a lot of the NYX Round lipsticks except that the BH Cosmetics lipstick has a greater circumference and is taller. However the inner tube and the actual lipstick is the same size. The packaging feels durable and closes pretty tightly so I doubt the cap would be coming off in your make-up bag.

Comparison of the BH Cosmetics lipstick to the NYX Round lipstick (Doll)

On the BH Cosmetics website these are priced at USD$7.95 generally but they are always having some sort of sale where you can get them cheaper. At the local store I purchased it for JMD$600, which isn't bad for a lip product. So I can say it’s afford and well-priced.

Now on to the actual lipstick itself. It is available in 12 shades but the one I have is in Tea Time, one of the lightest shades available. The texture of the lipstick when applied to the lips is very creamy as suggested by the name Crème Luxe. It reminds me a lot of the creaminess of the MAC Amplified lipstick. The pigmentation is fairly good considering that such a light colour showed up on my much pigmented lips. Overall I find the formulation to be too creamy for my liking (not a fan of MAC’s Amplified formula either). I feel as if it will just slip off my lips as time goes on not the mention the colour applies patchy and slips and slides when I rub my lips together. This is definitely one of those lip products that you have to apply, blot then apply again and might even need to blot a second time just to get it to adhere to your lips.

Lip swatch with and without flash

I am not sure if I would purchase another one, if I did it would be a darker colour just for the sake of trying it out.  

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