Thursday, 17 October 2013

New!!! Kleancolor Nail Polishes

Kleancolors recently came out this a new line of nail polishes (along with a ton of other products). Including but not limited to a 3D, Matte and Scented Nail Lacquers Collection, some of the colours  I have swatched below.  I hope to get my hands on some others in the future. Oh my nail polish obsession and collection will grow tremendously lol.  And at the price of one of these polishes I can always afford to indulge (ranging from JMD$100-$150 in wholesales and pharmacies and USD$1.79 on site such as 

Each of the nail swatches shown in the pictures are done with only one coat except for the Duochrome polish which I had to add multiple coats to really build up to it's true colour. Kleancolor polishes are generally quite opaque and wears as long as the average nail polish not to mention they come in a ton of different colours and now various finishes and textures. I have quite a few in my collection and I swear by them. 

The fragrances of the scented polishes becomes apparent when they have fully dried on the nails and I have found the scent to last for a few hours after application even after hand washing and doing the dishes. For the ones of have the names are true to the stipulated scents but I am still unsure of the pudding scented polish it doesn't smell like my grandmother's pudding lol. 

A few of the new Kleancolor Polishes

From L-R: #333 Vanilla Villa (Vanilla Scented),  #259 Mellow Khaki (Opaque Matte),
#315 Love for Pudding (Pudding Scented)

From L-R: #328 Leap of Grape (Grape Scented), #330 Jasmine Night (Jasmine Scented)
#313 Wicked/Angelic (Duochrome 3D) 
   Vanilla Villa and Mellow Khaki
I enjoyed the fact that the Mellow Khaki really did dry to an opaque matte finish as suggested without applying streaky.

Love for Pudding, Leap of Grape, Jasmine Night

When trying to remove the Jasmine Night i find that it really stains the nails and a good nail polish remover and some buffing in absolutely necessary when removing this.  

Wicked/Angelic showing 1,2 and 3 coats
The duochrome effects comes off as a green and purple/burgundy/maroon color
depending on your lighting.


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  1. Instead of placing 3 coats of polish to get the effect of the duochrome... all you had to do is after your clear coat base, paint a black, blue or deep red & see the colors really POP. That is the secret to these 3D polishes...